…is what Harriette and Zavier were chanting as I walked into the classroom this morning. They were referring to the book and CD we listened to on Monday about John Henry. I told the kids about February being Black History Month and that I was going to bring in some stories and songs for them to read and listen to. We started with John Henry, an African American folk hero who becomes larger than life itself. The recording was about 20 minutes long and the kids sat so very still and listened. It’s beautiful with singing and pounding and chanting. At the end you could very well see John Henry’s spirit rise. Ah, be still my heart! We listened to it two more times today. Our favorite line: “a mountain as big as hurt feelings.”

Then it was on to battle with “Connect Four.” Or pattern making. Thank you again Kathleen for once again making our wishes come true and getting us these two games.

Then we spontaneously talked about all the parts of a flower (because our beautiful Tulips are dying and thank you Amy – we’re going to use the petals to add to our paper – yes we’re still making paper!)

Today we used glitter in our pulp!

Asher was so proud of his 7’s. We’ve been working so hard on writing our numbers and letters. I’m so proud of how to heart they’ve all taken this task of really working on communicating with each other through writing.

We’ve also been working on a to add to our m and s sounds.

And, I’m so, so happy that Oscar has joined us. On the playground the other day, Justin fell down and without a flinch, Oscar put out his hand to help him up. It was such as simple gesture but if you hang out with 5 and 6 year-old kids all day, you’d really understand how significant that is. We love you Oscar.!