Just in case you’re following the Jackson/Clara dating game in the words of Jackson – post date: “I wish it could have been more romantic.” Sigh!

Jackson & Asher – flashy pants!…

We played “Walk In The Woods” today (A Cooperative Game! – because we’re not into reinforcing competition). This game recreates a Walk in the Woods where players observe flowers, butterflies and gather apples, berries, nuts and herbs while keeping a watch out for poison ivy, stinging nettles, biting bugs and the hot sun. We problem solved together and planned together how to safely find our way in the woods. This cooperative game allows everyone to help each other on the journey UNTIL the teacher walks away, the kids play a few times, get tired of the concept and concoct their very own point system in attempt to beat the pants off of each other. Oh, human nature! So much fun…

Making the pulp for our paper making project: We’re soaking our week long project of cutting paper into ity bity squares into mush so that we can grind it up to make – um, paper! Someone walked by while we were cutting last week and asked “What are you guys doing?” Sophia said; “We’re making paper. (Long pause.) Out of paper. Kinda weird.” Then I reminded everyone that we were saving the paper we were cutting from the recycling bin and then I’m sure it all made sense.

We’ve been having some issues with “tiger attacks, police attacks and pirate attacks” on the playground, so today we made a tight rope and tire swing to get some focus, burn some energy and get those claws/guns/swords sheathed for a bit. You know, it’s understandable. I mean. I earnestly tried to get them to attack the cement wall or basketball hoop pole but who can argue when someone says; “Michelle, I really need a moving target to attack.” Hmmm? Distraction. It’s all about distraction. Go Paul (he’s in the big yard with them during this time.)

A Spanish word vocabulary list went home today with a song in spanish that we have been singing. So many kids and parents have been asking me; “What’s (enter the word you asked me here) in spanish again?” I thought we would just send home some of the words we’ve been usuing during songs, stories and art.

This week we are focusing on words in our world that have the m and s sounds in them. If you and your child come across some of these sounds, talk about where the sound is in the word. If you are making dinner together, try to find these sounds in your ingredients. You know, this reading thing can be fun!