Today we played…

…a mystery game! “Valuables have been stolen & we have to find them before Midnight. Together we search through the Mansion for clues. At Midnight, the Thieves may slip away with all the hidden booty! Children enjoy figuring out the mystery of what is behind the Secret Door. Because of the co-operative principle, everyone is part of a team that discusses ideas & shares strategies. Other important skills of Memory & Logic get a workout, too. Each game is different, exciting & tricky.”

It was also “Cooking with Kathleen” Monday and we made super-fantastic-delish-yum-in-the-tum Blueberry-Coconut Muffins. Our favorite recipe so far (well I was out for donut day)!!! This was a great recipe because not only did we get a ton of reading in figuring out the complex recipe (wet ingredients, dry ingredients, topping and directions), there was much to be measured and divided as well as active ingredients such as baking powder – reading, math and science (as well as cooperative learning, health and nutrition – I could go on all day) all in one happy hour! (Recipe to come soon!)

We started our long process of paper making this afternoon. We have been collecting scrap-recycling paper without glue or tape to cut up to make pulp. We spent part of the afternoon cutting paper into tiny pieces. Once we have enough paper, we will soak it in water and then blend it in the blender. From there we will make fresh, new, quite interesting paper I’m sure. Brigit has already brought in evergreen needles to add to the mix. So, if you have flower petals or oils or anything to add to our adventure, bring it in.

We also started our “play” in Spanish. We have been singing a song about a beautiful farm and today we made masks of all the different farm animals (who knew everyone wanted to be a cat!) and then took turns singing and making our animal sounds. Next week we are going to make the farm out of cardboard (if you happen to find a refridgerator box out there somewhere, bring it in! I’m going to see if Stephanie can create a list of the words we’ve been learning such as all the farm animals, colors, etc. to take home.

And this one’s for Jackson’s Grandma – xo…