They came in full force – ready to explore and tackle the freshly powdered classroom.  I turned the dress-up/kitchen area into a grocery store.  I priced everything, showed them the cash register with the 10’s, 5’s, 1’s, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies and taught them how to buy and sell items using correct change and how it all goes inside the register.  They LOVED it!!!  They also kept a very tidy register and grocery store!  In addition, no one even argued over the cash register.  It was a miracle.  Maybe they’ve caught on to my; “You guys work it out” line – finally!

I also set up an electronics dismantling area.  This was such fun.  I gave them two screwdrivers and a pair of pliers.  Once again, they had to take turns.  I made sure to be nearby for this activity though.  Sure enough, after about an hour, someone walked up and took a screwdriver from someone else.  I bent down to do my duty, be at child level, be in the moment with the child and almost caught a screwdriver in the eye.  Boy can I move fast if I need to.  Whew!  However, my future life with one eye did flash before me.  All was well and we devised a new system for this type of work that consists of me giving one child a tool that they are responsible for and that has to be given back to me before it is doled out to anyone else.  Everyone agreed that this was best after they witnessed my swift karate like action and the following consequences of a bit of a breather on the couch and a stern voice coming from Michelle.

We had a dot-to-dot math lesson to ease us back into sitting at tables and focusing on “work” – although we did just spend two hours doing math in the grocery store!!!

This amazing maze creation was made by Harriette, Neve and Isabel.

During science we put on our khaki paleontologist caps and excavated dinosaur bones from a broken arctic ice shelf!!!  (I had a thought when I found out about the arctic ice shelf breaking – that my K-2 class should mostly focus on global warming because if we don’t preserve our earth who needs the three R’s?  Of course I know we need to be able to read, write and do arithmetic to try to save our planet but I digress…)

(I guess I should be wearing the goggles!)

Welcome back everybody.  


Black Belt Michelle