The bus ride downtown:

Photo-op with mamas: Amy, Kathleen and Carolyn:

Pike Place Market in ginger bread:

Jackson said; “Does anyone have paper and a pen, I need write down some ideas.” The cutest thing – EVER! We are going to make ginger bread houses on Monday and he didn’t want to forget his ideas. At the end of the day, the kids gave me a detailed list of what they wanted me to get for them. I was on a mission in a serious way at the store this evening.

The Smith Tower:

Amy treated us ALL to Starbucks – MORE GINGERBREAD! Thank you Amy!

Vanishing cookies:

It was so nice to have Carolyn with us on this trip:

Snow Globe:

Then we trekked over to the Carousel – SO FUN!


Look, way in the background – it’s The Smith Tower for REAL!

Taking the class on trips is such a treat. We are such great transit riders. I love that they are getting to learn how to use mass transit, get around the city, see the architecture, get directions, negotiate traffic lights and each other. It’s all in the name of SOCIAL STUDIES folks!

So we’re off to make our own houses on Monday!!! Check in to see our works in progress…