Today was so busy. We started out with climbing on our new logs in the big yard – if you haven’t seen them, they are magnificent. We brought a limb piece in to see how old the tree was by counting its rings and it’s the same age as me – 33! WOW!

(I’m not this OLD!)

(Okay, I’m this old!)

Today was my first math lecture. I spent about 15 minutes showing and talking about the math symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equals. The kids were riveted. We then put our somewhat new knowledge to use and practiced with our beautiful math-felt pieces. I created an addition problem for each student on the felt board such as 6+5= and then they would use felt pieces to represent the number – so under six they would put six felt pieces and under five they would put five felt pieces and then we would all count together to come up with the answer. It was so fun.

We had a great Spanish class today. We did project based Spanish with Stephanie again, made winter scenes, and wreathes. Then we sang some songs that we know in English and in Spanish. Spanish seemed to finally click today – I think we’re heading in the right direction!