What is Thanksgiving?

Brigit:  “When it’s time to say thanks for things.”

James: When you have people over for dinner.”

What we’re thankful for.

Neve:  “My mom and my dad.”

Jackson:  “For myself.”

Harriette:  “My family.”

Zavier:  “Food in my tummy.”

Sophia:  “Friends, family and even God, my sisiter, my mom, my dad and Jay and animals.”

Justin:  “My family.”

James:  “I love my mom and dad.  Getting presents on my birthday and candy on Halloween.”

Isabel:  “Papa, mama, books, food – for poor people to get food and clean clothes.”

Brigit:  “Family, animals, giving money to the poor.” – Jackson:  “I’m with Brigit.”

Asher:  “Books!  My mom for getting me 5 and 6 year-old books even though I’m not 6!”

Michelle:  “Autumn, my family, my home and a job that I love and books (thanks for reminding me Asher!”)