Quote of the day from Monday via Amy:

“This is ridiculous – where is Michelle?” ~Asher

This however plays no part in how wonderful Kathleen was when she helped yesterday morning. All I heard about was donuts, donuts, donuts. At morning meeting I asked it they wanted Kathleen back and they all started chanting Kathleen, Kathleen, Kathleen – traitors!

And we had a visitor. Ms. Ramona paid us a visit. She was in my class two years ago and then was in Julie L.’s class last year. She’s now off to public school but wanted to pop in for the afternoon. I think she was hugged out by the end of class.

Yo, yo, it’s math and from the mouth of James; “I LOVE this Michelle!” We built ten rods of ten cubes to make a block of 100! And when we’re completely finished since we have 10 kids, we’ll have a block of 1000! Whew! It’s so handy that we have 10 kids in our class and our number system is based on 10. Every morning at circle, we organically add and subtract from 10 while everyone trickles in. I say; “How many kids are here.” And someone will count and say; “Six (or whatever it may be that day) and then I’ll say; “How many do we need to make 10” and they’ll answer. We also do this with the number of the day. We are counting our days of school, we are going to have a party on day 100, we’re at 29 today, and they can always figure out how many days we have left until 100 in about one second. You can see the wheels spinning while they’re figuring it out (because while some remember – others figure it out again each day) – the wonder of real life math.

We also worked on a winter wonderland!

The Cha Cha Cha…