It is so hard for me to be away from my class. Autumn and I were under the weather all weekend and it seemed to peak today. I kept looking at the clock while we were laying in bed and thinking; “What are they doing now?”

Kathleen covered for us. It was “Cooking with Kathleen” day anyway and they made donuts – I can’t believe I missed donuts. One of the activities I had put out when I set up on Friday was the Ship Excavation kits from the Maritime Museum, which sounds like they were the activity of the day.

Here is Kathleen’s report:

”Donuts were fun today. Sarah helped out, and the kids did
a great job reading and following the directions and
working together.

While they were eating donuts, we talked about the
automatic donut-making machine at Krispy Kreme. Most of
the kids had seen the machine in action. They were
interested to see the same process unfold in a
non-mechanized way, and we had a fun conversation about
the differences between the two experiences. They also
spontaneously generated a list of all the other things
they want to cook in class. Here it is: Chocolate chip
cookies, cake, lemon cookies, cake, yeasted donuts with
chocolate frosting and sprinkles, cake, ice cream,
cinnamon rolls, and cake. I’m sensing some kind of trend

The biggest hit of the day was the “excavating the boat”
activity. It was the cause of some argument and grief, as
everyone wanted to do it all at once, and no one was
inclined to share or take turns. However, everyone who
wanted to did get at least one turn at it, and they were
all very excited to see the boat pieces emerge from the
block. I wasn’t there for the afternoon, but Brigit tells
me they finished excavating all the pieces and made plans
to put the boats together tomorrow. “

See you all tomorrow…