Isn’t this how you wish you learned to read?

Sophia brings in a book to share.

James writes STOP in poofy letters.

Today we started a Button Excursion in math and our first part was to guess what was in the bag (what it felt like/size/shape/number of{it was a surprise} button’s.) This was what we figured out:

Three of us guessed 4 (the amount of buttons in the bag.) And Harriette figured out that they were buttons but let everyone have a chance before revealing her guess. We then read Frog and Toad’s adventure “The Lost Button.” We then made the creatures and trees from the story out of paper and hung them from our necks and we are going to act out the story tomorrow. Then we are going to sort and count buttons.

If you get asked questions about the body, it’s because we had an anatomy lesson for science today:

Today we had project based Spanish and created a mural while learning what the colors are in spanish:

Sophia started violin lessons today with some of the other students: