During math today, we built onto yesterdays project and everyone made their own cards 0-10 and added the correlating circles to the back. This was also a great way for me to assess their math understanding and they were so into it – focused and loving the number play.

During science we made mini volcanoes out of baking soda, vinegar and food coloring – it was explosive and we were loud (so loud in fact, the teacher next door got after us – HA! – we LOVE trouble – well, as long as learning is involved!)

At story time, Harriette shared a book with the class that she had made at home. She sat, on the couch, and turned the pages while telling the story of “Mimi the Cat” and her many adventures. She was proud and articulate and filled with story. She beamed as she turned the pages and the entire class was mesmerized and asked to hear/see it again. It is the happiest I’ve ever seen Harriette (well, outside of being Ms. Silly.) Everyone kept saying; “How do you draw like that Harriette?” So sweet this little school family (well, for the moment – you know how families go!)

Zavier, Justin and Jackson make up a song “Three boys on a bench – all from the same class.” – repeat…


Tomorrow we head for Pier 66 and the Maritime Museum for Pirate Day via bus #22!!!