One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid was when my grandpa (pa – who raised me in my early years) would take me to the polls with him on election night to vote. He talked about the candidates with me for weeks before hand and taught me about how our government is set up and how it’s up to us to make a difference and to vote for someone who will represent how we feel and what we want to see happen in our country.

The first thing I did when I turned 18 was to register to vote and the first candidate I voted for was Ross Perot (Don’t laugh – I even went to see him on the capital steps in Olympia when I was attending The Evergreen State College.)

Tonight I took Autumn to vote with me just as I did the last time I voted. We have seen our ideals as a voting public take a nasty turn in the past few years but I’m proud tonight to say (no matter what party you may be) that we have our first female speaker of the house!

As I spoke to the students today about election day and how voting gives power to the people, I got a little choked up and said; “have your parents take you with them so that you can see what it means to vote and how people leave their houses, work places, in the rain and in my hometown the snow, to raise their voices and make a statement.

And as much as I fear for our country at the moment, I still love what we can do and what we must do – set the example for our kids and our future by showing the responsibility it takes to be a citizen.

On to other subjects:

Today in math, I made math cards that had 0-10 on them and then made the amount of circles on the cards to match the number. I was noticing that while everyone can count almost to 100, not everyone can identify the number symbols.

I laid these cards out on the table out of order during open classroom time. I had planned to show these to the kids during math and then give them 0-10 cards that I made that didn’t include the circles and have them use cut out dots to represent the number symbol (they did this in pairs.)

Before I could even turn around Sophia had used anything she could find from the math shelf (which is quite a bit) to put on the cards representing the numbers. Haven’t I said before; “Do these kids really need a teacher – but I guess someone has to make the cards!)

It was really fun and exciting (you could hear the wheels turning) especially since they were working together and I was really able to observe and see who was able to make the connection right away and who needed help from their partner. The collaborating really made it successful for everyone – YEAH. This is how I do assessment and they don’t even know it.

We also have some Jackson Pollacks among us – Jackson thought it was funny that a famous painter had his name.

These kids LOVE to read – I really mean LOVE to read. They amaze me. All I have to do is say; “You guys want to do some reading” and they pile together like puppies and devour books like kibble. Ah, are they after my own heart or what?

I am totally in love with my job!