It couldn’t be avoided and was so much fun…

“What a storm – look it’s the Titanic.” ~Jackson (I don’t even think I needed to write his name!)

So please have 2 pairs of extra clothes (especially pants and socks.)

Also bring a rain coat, rain boots, shirts and underwear and bring more as these clothes go home. When it’s really raining, I want and need them go out at least once a day.

Today was “Cooking with Kathleen” and we made spinach lasagna. It was so YUMMY – we once again shared with the school.

We also had Spanish class for the first time (If you didn’t get the flyer – the Spanish teacher created a synopsis of the class including her teaching philosophy.) The kids sang songs and learned new words and phrases…

On Thursday we are taking the bus to the Pier and visiting the Maritime Museum for Pirate Day. Each student needs $5.00 for the trip – please give this to me ahead of time – thanks.

Violin lessons were cancelled today but they are on for next Monday and the teacher will have a makeup session. Sorry.

Also, thank you so much for coming in and being a part of parent/teacher conferences. It always makes me feel even closer to my kids and families when we are able to sit, chat and even get a little teary. And just to let you know – we’re not a “desk school” as Jackson calls them and he’s so happy he doesn’t have to go to one – the things you learn at conferences.