Monday! Monday! Could we fit anything else into one day!

It was “Cooking with Kathleen” Monday and we made Pumpkin Bread – DE-LISH! We shared our bread with the entire school – we had to – the whole school smelled like fresh, yummy baked goods.

Over the weekend, Sarah turned the big yard into an autumn wonderland filled with hay bails, pumpkins and corn stalks. We ran, hid, climbed and made many nests during big yard time. We also picked some zucchini out of the garden for snack tomorrow.

Today we started our Leonardo da Vinci parachute project. So far, everyone’s parachute is coming along beautifully. We started by cutting out four triangles and decorating them for the final product which we will try to fly tomorrow.

We also tried our hand at weaving and making patterns.

A visiting violinist stopped by to play and let the kids try a little bit as well. He will be giving lessons at school each week if you’re interested.

Don’t forget tomorrow and Wednesday are class pictures.  Tomorrow is also dance class – p.u. is at 3:45!