Today was our third trip to Daystar Retirement Village and we are finally feeling more at ease. The kids even said; “I wasn’t as shy this time.” And it really was easier. This time we sang a few songs – the kids looked at me with such earnestness while we were singing. It was so sweet.

I read The Biggest Bed in the World. We drew pictures for the elders and gave them away. When Neve gave hers to her new friend, the woman started to cry and told us how Neve looked like her daughter and kept thanking us. Then I thought I was going to start to cry. It has just been a great experience for all of us.

After our visit, we ran on over to Castle Park for a climb and a swing.

For science today, Paul (one of the teacher’s in Vashon Island) gave us a knot-tying lesson so that they can really whoop on me when we’re playing tug of war heave hoe. Thanks Paul!

Monday is Cooking with Kathleen and we are making Pumpkin Bread – super yummy!!!