On Wednesday we continued our sewing projects and Zavier made this jazzy little, long-skinny bag with handles:

And we made invisible ink and wrote secret messages ala our da Vinci project book:

Then on Thursday, we went on our weekly fieldtrip; this week we went to Lincoln Park to do some leaf collecting for wreath making. We climbed, played on the zipper swing and then surprise James’ mom at their house just across the way. It was so cute to watch James show everyone around his beautiful house.

This squirrel thought my camera was food and tried to take it from me:

We are also getting to be old pros at jumpin’ on the bus and high tailing it to wherever our hearts desire. November 9th is the Maritime Museum for Pirate Day!!! Then December 7th we’re off to the Burke Museum to see Washington States only set of dinosaur bones.

Isabel’s grandma called the school today and left a message expressing her joy about our school and new K-2 class and the classroom journal. We also had a visitor who works in the public schools come by for a visit to see what we’re up to because she follows our journal and thinks we’re really on to something here (and Brigit taught her to sew)!!!

Also, my article “We make the road by walking” just came out in Natural Learning Magazine and you can pick up your very own copy at school.