Emergent curriculum here we come… 

Today I had my lesson plan for the day and we did exactly nothing on it (my super-cool-exciting da Vinci project will have to wait until tomorrow to get started.  Instead, we made vegetable soup with Chef Kathleen – we have “Cooking with Kathleen” every other Monday (since we had a two part cooking project in the last two weeks, I didn’t know she was coming until she emailed me on Sunday – but who could turn down a cook-fest.) 

In addition, because a nice woman from one street over found and returned Bun, we wrote thank you notes and walked the notes and her cat cage (that she returned Bun in) to her house.  She wasn’t home but we left the thank you package on the doorstep. 

It was fun having the kids try to figure out what house it was by the numbers on the houses – our only clue being the address.  Cooking was also full of math, science, reading, and writing.  I will be attaching our recipes onto the site and the kids have taken them home as well in case you want to try them. 

I forgot my camera today – shucks.  All the beautiful veggies and the kids chopping was quite the picture.