Our first moments out the door on our adventure today, we ran into the garbage truck. We were surprised to find that our regular sanitary worker was not driving.

Today was our second trip to Daystar. We’ve been talking a lot about these trips. We’ve all felt a little nervous and aren’t really sure what to say or do when we visit. But it is getting easier. The activity director, Gail, was there today. She was so helpful with organizing the activities and envited some other seniors to join us that we were more able to converse with. Once again there were some beautiful moments that got me all teary again (surprise, surprise) and also some funny moments (that Jackson just keeps us all in stitches.)

I read Blueberries For Sal.

Gail read The Bravest Cat: The True Story of Scarlett

We also drew pictures for our friends and got to visit with the birds. Then we trekked over to Castle Park for some much needed running and fun.

Our new friend Scout – we met him at Castle Park this morning…

How am I suppose to blog with cats on my keyboard – for Justin who said; “I saw you on the blog at your house.”