When we all got to school today, we found the door open to the bunny cage and both bunnies missing in action. One bunny was found in the big yard but we have yet to find Bun – our very first bunny that we’ve had for over two years. The kids were sad but ready to help find Bun. They made a trap made of a veggie sack with carrots inside. They also wanted to make signs that said; “Where is the bunny” so that visitors would know we were looking for our beloved Bun. When they asked me how to write it – for the first time this year I said; “Write it how you think it should be written. How does it sound to you?” With a tad bit of resistance, they were off and glad to be doing it on their own. I told them that it takes practice to learn how to write and that guessing was a good way to practice and learn how to write words. We already have a word wall and I am right there with them helping them to use clues from words they already know and see in the classroom and from the sounds that they know and connect to the words they are writing. Not everyone is ready for this and I know who isn’t and I’m helping them in other ways and on a more one on one basis. Here are they signs they posted. They worked on them together so they are alike, otherwise they would probably look totally different.

Inventive spelling at work in the classroom:

Brigit (above) and Sophia (below)

Then Jackson, Neve and Zavier play a math game Hi Ho! Cherry -O…

Today we finished reading a chapter book, The Magic Treehouse Series #2 – The Knight at Dawn. It was so much fun. Jackson said; “I don’t even need pictures, I can just imagine it in my mind.”

Quote of the day: “Even though people are all different ages, they come in all different sizes.” ~Justin

…And if you’re checking in on us Asher – we missed you so much today.  Your empty chair at snack time was lonely to look at.  Have fun Mr.  We’ll see you in a few days.  Send us a comment if you want and I’ll share it with the class.