Our water crystals took about four hours to create. It was fun to watch them change throughout the day.

And today Jackson wrote his name on his own for the first time in class and wanted me to put it on the blog (it also includes a self-portrait with a nifty colorful shirt.) When his grandma picked him up from school today, he was so proud to show her his picture – it was the first time I’d seen him so excited about a “writing” project. I have to say I was teary. This is my third year with many of my kids and it’s a privilage to watch them learn and grow.

And just for fun – here’s me in my chair, at home, blogging (caught by surprise while getting teary again – what’s a teacher to do with all this love and who let me go to school in this outfit?)

…and Asher, have fun in Michigan – we’ll miss you.  When you get back we’ll go to see some pirates at the Maritime Museum!!!