Last monday we made pizza dough and froze it. Today we made that dough into yummy, yummy PIZZA!!! Thank you so much Kathleen for all the help!

We cleaned the fish tank:

On our way back in from the big yard, Justin asked me what famous meant. When we got into the classroom I asked the class his question. Someone said; “Elvis!” Someone said; “Titanic!” I thought it was so interesting; their understanding of famous and how that correlates to something specific and tangible and how much they know. We decided that it’s when the whole world knows about something.

At closing circle, we often talk about the history of each individual day. Today we talked about Gandhi because today was his birthday. We talked about they way he peacefully protested and would often stop eating in protest. Neve told everyone that he was from India, like her dad and that she had a book about him. Harriette said; “what is protest?” I went on to explain how Gandhi used fasting as protest and how I had protested the Iraq war and that I marched with a sign and that it’s each individuals choice what to believe and how to show their beliefs. Someone asked what Iraq was and someone else said it was a country and that we were at war there. Someone said war was bad and then Neve said; “Michelle, I don’t think I like the war either.” It was a fairly innocent conversation but it was also a little sad, a little hopeful and a lot grown-up. The kids are seeing the effects everywhere – some said they had seen it on television, at the grocery checkout stand, and heard it on the radio. Someone brought up the shootings in down town Seattle that happened recently. I let them talk and only gave input when directly asked. I tried to let them answer each other’s questions.

Then, of course, Jackson piped up with; “well, Gandhi’s famous!” And we were back to being 5!