Today we walked to “Castle” park and went on a nature walk through the Longfellow Creek Bog. It was beautiful – a natural habitat nestled between Target and Safeway. I’m just joking – sort of – it is so nice that we have this available and so close to us. I caught a grasshopper and we marveled at its camouflage and then watched as it (a bit stunned) hopped away.

We learned about habitat and what a bog is. We listened to the bugs in the brush and picked some flower bouquets. On the way back to school, we were tired and our hair smelled of Autumn. It was the perfect first field trip for our class. Next we try the library and Daystar Retirement Home. (Unfortunately my camera wasn’t working while we were out in the wilderness – next time.)

Harriette & Isabel’s favorite part was collecting flowers for a bouquet.