We made our rules together. Talked about we wanted to learn. They were all so serious. They all wanted to learn to read, write, do math, do science and their rules consisted of no hitting, no biting, as well as one “do anything we want,” which I added “as long as it’s safe.” I also added, HAVE FUN!!!

Everyone was amazed at Asher’s creation.

We had a math lesson: We measured each other and made a graph of our height – we will do this at the end of the year as well so we can see the difference.

We had a science investigation: We studied actual insect specimens with magnifiers, categorized them and indentified them using books and then drew them. This was so much fun and some kids spent a really long time working on their drawing and finding them in the books.

We decorated our cubby bags and the covers of our drawings/writing journals.

We read aloud and listened to the first part of Peter & the Wolf (each character has a different part of the orchestra assigned to them and the kids were announcing who was who by the music!)

We all did our classroom jobs.

We discovered the room and each other.

It was fun and different and somewhat hard getting use to an activity schedule and having certain times for certain things such as “math” when we are actually doing it all the time when we have free reign in the classroom.

It is so telling of our need to catagorize when the kids just do it on their own.

It will take some getting use to but I can tell they are going to start getting excited about the schedule – looking forward to science experiments and “what is “math” going to be today.” (James wasn’t at all convinced that our measuring and our graph was at all a math lesson.)

Quotes of the day:

“I thought I was just going to die if I didn’t come back to school.” ~Jackson

“I know what kind of math this is, its number math.” ~Zavier

“Do you want to be friends – I think we are already becoming friends.” ~Sophia to Brigit

“I have a little brother and he’s annoying.” “I have a little sister too and she’s annoying but you just have to pretend she’s not annoying.” Brigit & Sophia