It’s almost time to start school again and if you’re going to be in Mystery Bay, it’s almost time for Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade. I just got back from my trip to San Francisco where I mostly hung out at City Light Books (I love the beat writers.)

Our flight back into Seattle was delayed because our plane’s engine broke as we were taxing down the runway and we had to change planes. Sooooo, I bought a couple of trashy magazines to pass the time; Time and Newsweek. I don’t usually read these magazines as they are mostly filled with scare tactics and governmental hoopla but it was late and I needed something to keep me awake.

This week’s cover of Newsweek reads “The New First Grade: Too Much Too Soon?” I read this article right away and I hope that other people read it too because if this article is in such a main stream publication, then we are really creating a scary place for our kids to learn and grow. Our kids need us to let them be kids and learn at their pace and find learning to be fun and an adventure – it shouldn’t be a race or a test or a job. It makes me so sad that at midnight last night I was ranting and raving and crying in an airport.

Well, back to our world; a land without written tests and government issued fill in the dots and pressures to read and write or you can’t go outside and play. Learning is fun and we are going to prove that this coming year. The classroom is looking so beautiful. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. Paul and I painted a beautiful Seattle skyline in the block area and Emma and Harriette helped me decide where to put some of the cherry blossoms late one night over chocolate and caramel.

I’ll try to post some photos but I’m really just so excited to see their surprised faces when they show the parents around on Monday morning. I’ll post first day information soon.

’till then