I spent Thursday and Friday in my new classroom, mostly moving things from place to place. I have set up the “living room”(which is the story/circle area as well,) the recycling material construction zone, the math area and the block area. I have the kitchen/house area, writing area and art studio set up in my head. I have the space set aside for these areas but need to wait for some of the furniture coming from my preschool classroom. I’m still working on where the location of the science area is going to be.

Even though I have all of these areas designated, I plan on having them all be integrated, overlapping and emergent. I’m an emergent curriculum teacher. I can plan and plan but the minute a subject or interest pops up with the students, I’m off and running – collecting materials, finding books and delving in whole heartedly.

I’m most passionate when the kids are most passionate – the most amazing moments in teaching are when a student or a group of students takes on their passions and discovers the newness in what we as teachers or adults consider old-news. It always makes me see the world from another perspective and gives me hope and a better view of the world.