So, on the rare occasion that the “staff” kids are at school for eight plus hours in a day and are too tired to play and we have the health department coming the next day, we slip them a fruit popsicle and a movie. The day before the last health department visit which was our final licensing visit (we are now a licensed facility – yikes that is an awful word – facility) the staff kids plus Oscar minus Autumn watched Princess Mononoke and I overheard this conversation and thought it was a phenomenal moment in the history of anti-war moments…

While watching a battle in Princes Mononoke…

Oscar: I’m going to be a soldier when I grow up.

Emma: Then you’re going to die. You have to go to war and everyone who goes to war dies.

Harriette: Emma, remember that grave, the young soldier who died.

Emma: Yeah, and you die young.

Long pause…

Oscar: I guess I’ll just be an archer then.

Emma: That’s not a job, that’s a sport.